Home electronic blood pressure


  • Date and time: Displays the date and time of the current and stored
  • Arrhythmia: Detection of arrhythmia and prompt
  • Large digital display: Easy to read, especially for the elderly
  • Automatic: Pressure, decompression, measuring
  • Three average: The average of the last three measurements, reduce
  • Power supply: Optional 6V power supply
  • Misoperation detection: Detection of noise caused by malfunction

  • QD-216

    Measurement average:Average of the last three measure results, reduces the measurement error

    128 groups of memory:can store 128 sets of memory data

    Long battery life:4 dry batteries can be used for the 600 measurement

    Date and time: Date and time of the current and stored data can be displayed Optional accessories: power adapter

  • QD-217

    Three average:The average of the last three measurements, reduce the measurement error Two users: can manage two users’ data

    Two users:can manage two users’ data

    Personalized Calibration:Embedded blood pressure measurement algorithm can be specifically calibrated for individual users using auscultation

    Dual sensor:Automatic calibration of timing detection, greatly improving the reliability of pressure measurement

    256 Sets of Data Memory:Stores up to 128 sets of measurement data for each of two users

    Date and Time: Displays date and time for current and memory data

    WHO:Displays BP measurement results according to the classification of the World Health Organization

    Power supply:optional 6V power supply

Medical blood pressure


  • Dual sensor: Automatic time calibration (home version without this function), greatly improving the reliability of pressure measurement
  • Korotkoff sound synchronization: Pressure display and Korotkoff time synchronization, greatly improving the accuracy and reliability for reading
  • Ultra-low power consumption: two 5 or 7 batteries can be used for 5 years or 10,000 times, can reduce supplies and management costs
  • Mercury-free leaks: ideal for replacing mercury-sphygmomanometers
  • No need to calibrate frequently: the ideal alternative to sphygmomanometer products
  • Wide range of applications: Suitable for hospitals, medical workers, and other home users who use Korotkoff tone auscultation to measure blood pressure
  • Dual electronic blood pressure monitor QD-203

    For home and hospital, a dual-purpose machine, facilitate verification of automatic blood pressure measurement accuracy

    More accurate than the non-uniform release sphygmomanometer, arrhythmia detection  

    Large digital display, easy to read, especially for the elderly

    Blood pressure measurements can be calibrated for individual users by the Korotkoff Auscultation method

    Automatic calibration of the pressure measurement sensor

  • Number of pressure - type blood pressure monitor, wall - mounted QD - 102

    Large LCD display, suitable for long-range readings, and for people with myopia, presbyopia to use

    The display can be freely rotated about 45 degrees, is the ideal wall-mounted medical sphygmomanometer

    Reliable than the wall hanging pointer type sphygmomanometer, do no need to calibration each half a year.

    Particularly suitable for hospital wards, community hospitals, general diagnosis system

    Can be used as a desktop blood pressure monitor, can also be installed mobile rack for mobile sphygmomanometer

  • Number of pressure - type desktop QD - 103

    Classic long-type desktop design, easy to carry, a ideal product to replace mercury table sphygmomanometer products

    With a cuff storage, folding, easy to operate and save time

    When the display is unfolded, the height is low and it is not easy to fall

    Thickened plastic shell, beautiful and durable

    Particularly suitable for out-patient medical staff, but also for the use of Korotkoff sound method to measure blood pressure in the family