Pulse oximeter

Our pulse oximeter’s figure is designed by the top domestic ID design company, new and fashion, the part of finger contact meets the human functional and biocompatible design. Products are using digital oxygen technology, anti-interference is better than the simulation program; Blood oxygen algorithm, we have own intellectual property, can ensure that the measurement response speed better than the market main products. Meanwhile, with built-in Bluetooth 4.0 module, can contact to phone by APP; with built-in rechargeable battery, further reduce the cost of the product.

  • SONOSAT-F pulse oximeter
  • SONOSAT-W pulse oximeter

Thin volume, the weight of Tulip design is 36g, the thick is 25mm
Build-in rechargeable Li-battery, 20h running time with fully-charged.
Build-in Bluetooth 4.0 module, can achieve the wireless transmission of measurement data
Proprietary APP software for easy viewing of measured data

For pregnant:

During pregnancy, a series of changes in their bodies, the oxygen demand is about twice of ordinary people, so often cause chest tightness, difficulty breathing and other symptoms, these symptoms are caused by low Spo2. Often measure their own blood oxygen index, allowing pregnant intuitive understanding of their physical function, in order to make a scientific and effective nourishing measures.

For elderly people:

The elderly people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar or heart disease, due to poor blood flow and blood oxygen-carrying capacity decreased, the body will have the problem of insufficient oxygen supply. Clinical symptoms is dizziness, head swelling, easily lead to sudden harm, therefore, the elderly need to carry the oximeter to monitor their oxygen index from time to time, this plays a role in the prevention and control of the premise of sudden harm.

For people who do sports:

Three aspects can be measured to check if the exercise plan is scientific and reasonable or not: exercise frequency, exercise time and exercise intensity. Heart rate can be used as an quantitative indicators of the exercise intensity in the exercise plan. General, during the exercise, the heat rate reaches 55% to 75% of the maximum is okay. Too high is easy to cause excessive exercise, too low will cannot achieve the effect of exercise. Make a scientific exercise plan according to monitoring heart rate can maximize performance and maintain performance levels.

For apnea syndrome people.

Snoring, also known as sleep apnea syndrome, during the snoring, the body is subjected to prolonged intermittent hypoxia, if not treated in time, is easy to lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and other diseases, serious situation even can cause sudden death at night. Wrist pulse oximeter can continuous monitor oxygenation at night, and configure the professional sleep blood oxygen index analysis software, to provide an effective reference for clinical treatment.


SpO2, PR

  • thin volume,
  • Built-in battery, recycling
  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless transmission
  • With APP, easy to review data.