Portable health integrated machine

Konsung portable Integrated machine, face to public users, integrated multi parameter to complete the examination in public places. The health data detection equipment can be connected with regional medical center, basic health services health services, community health records system, automatic identification of all information in the two generation ID card system, the automatic generation of residents health records, all measurement information directly in the file, make a useful and true effective record of residents health .
Products with high integration, easy to operate, easy to carry, stable and accurate characteristics. The human body testing data is input to the database, and the identification system, data acquisition system and information integration system are analyzed and processed. With test data processing, storage, management, query and interactive transmission function, can carry out disease diagnosis and follow-up of chronic diseases, health intervention and other services, to achieve data collection, storage, processing, transmission and other functions, and health data will be uploaded to the personal health records. Is a good tool for medical staff health inspection, visit, follow-up of the inspected object.

----Sichuan Province,China, Photographs on the spot

Then get rid of old machines, The health integrated machine has a big change and make everything better and better

The detection results of expert consultation, Doctor is on call at all times, no worries about disease

perfect file system