Village hospital health management integrated machine

Integrated Diagnostic system is medical equipment purchase project of the State Ministry of finance, National Health and Family Planning Commission to improve the basic level of health infrastructure construction and implementation . With the development of the basic public health services into the basic level clinic and hospital , Rural medical doctors has two basic responsibilities of the basic public health services and basic medical services.
konsung medical health integrated units is a professional portable medical terminal used in medical and health institutions, and further promote the basic public health service paperless process, to achieve mixing hospital and clinic together providing a strong support. Health data will be collected at personal health records and these information will be uploaded to the primary health care institutions and integrated health management platform system, to realize information sharing between different systems. The device can more effectively carry out the follow-up of chronic diseases, health intervention, health education, and further consolidate the basic public health services in rural areas.

It is called village Hospital health management integrated machine, It is designed for intelligent mobile medical equipment ,bring the much convenience for doctor visitin and comprehensive care for the health of the residents

It is multifunctional, 12 lead ECG, heart rate, blood glucose, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, body temperature, urine routine, uric acid, total cholesterol, height and weight and other health checks. It can also do biochemistry ,routine, ultrasound and other projects through the port connector interface on it.

Data acquisition is completed and uploaded to the exclusive cloud platform, convenient management, unified interface.

The detection results of expert consultation, Doctor is on call at all times, no worries about disease

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