Family health management integrated machine

The patient can swipe the identification card (ID card), then operate follow the tips on the machine screen, finish a series of health tests by themselves, through real-time analysis of individual parameters, provide a medical examination report and give some suggestions for health. Patients can view historical data through multiple tests, It will be the establishment of personal health records.

With advanced information acquisition technology, Integrated development system processing, and connecting some medical testing equipments, integrated multifunctional integrated health monitoring platform, can realize the self detection mode of operation, a number of comprehensive test items, automatic generate evaluation analysis report, can be designated professionals online health consultation, human-computer interaction, Can carry on the adjustment training regarding some sub - health problems and so on.

  • 01
    New users open the machine and input personal detailed information for health records filing.
  • 02
    Test blood pressure, blood sugar, uric acid, and other data measurement according to the instructions of manual.
  • 03
    It can be automatically upload data to the health cloud platform and also can display health data on the machine.
  • 04
    You can know yourself and your family's health through WeChat or the health platform.