Remote medical solutions

Remote medical system is a new medical service which using computer technology, communication technology and multimedia technology combined with the medical professional technology, to improve the level of diagnosis and medical treatment, reduce medical cost, meet the demands of the people health care. Remote medical system technology has been developed from the original TV monitoring, telephone remote diagnosis to using high-speed networks for Numbers, pictures, voice transmission, and realizes the real-time voice and high-definition image communication, provides a more broad develop space for the application of modern medical .

Programme content and process
  • Business processes:

    1. Primary hospital prepare the data of patient information who need medical consultation and contact information of doctor.
    2. Primary hospital must inform in advance consultation specialist and hospital’s contact person, and submitted the patient’s information to consultation specialist hospital contact person.
    3. Consultation specialist hospital contact person look for expert to      review and arrange consultation time.

  • Technical process:

    1. Primary hospital submit application for consultation in remote medical consultation platform, , hospital’ administrator review and arrange consultation and experts, then notice Primary hospital’s doctors and patient to make preparation.
    2. Primary hospital start-up equipment at the scene 2 hours before the remote medical consultation, check the quality of Internet bandwidth, notice the related personnel.
    3. Primary hospital prepare the meeting room 1 hours before the remote medical consultation, and prepare good remote medical consultation platform’s video link 30 minutes earlier, then experts present to check patient’s detailed information.

  • Process of the consultation:

    1. Primary hospital’s doctors describe basic situation of patient, then  remote communication with  experts and experts communicate with  patient.
    2. experts give medical advice according to the patient's condition.
    3. experts submit medical advice in the remote medical consultation platform.

  • End of the consultation:

    1, Primary hospital’s doctor check expert’s medical advice in remote medical consultation platform and inform the patient, after that the consultation is over.