Mother! Is your blood glucose normal?

In addition, we can do more!!!!!!

  • Vibration testingFell down don't have to worry about no one to assist
  • Intelligent alarmsafe and reliable
  • Timing alertsClose between you and parents
  • Rapid medical accessNo need to line up, get fast access to treatment.
  • O2O community Serve you best
  • Senior centerHave all the facilities that should have

Wisdom Pension, livelihood of the people care solutions using multipoint positioning architectural patterns, namely the realization of function orientation of multiple facets, builds a general endowment health management platform, seize the community hypertension management, pension center two foothold, establish a "government street community" level 3 management structure.
System has realized the community home endowment from the mode of traditional passive accept call service to active service of health care, old-age for old service, pay attention to the elderly health and quality of life, improve organization/government/community endowment service level.

Konsung multi point positioning mode